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pretty cool game

Is there a world record speedrun?

not really so you can freely try to speedrun it :D

Oh and i might just remake this game in other engine adding better movement and visuals so 


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lol great. another record i could claim, unless i go super slow haha that is, if nobody beats me to it


this game needs a part 2 its soo good its kind of like a harder mario game



This is great, wish there were more levels!


I feel like I'm going insane: I can't beat level 1. the little guy doesn't jump high enough to get up on the ledge. I've tried holding space, getting a running start, not doing a running start. He jumps almost high enough, but evidently not enough to get on the ledge. WTF?

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Well it shouldnt happen. i dont know what is the problem :(.


great game, I'd love to see more

too short

Really cool game! I really liked the retro music and the art style was nice and simple. The levels were nice and got progressively more difficult, only thing I noticed was that the gravity switch was pretty fast and I did struggle a bit at the level where there were lots of the switches. Other than than the game was a lot of fun and a nice challenge :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Nice and simplistic art, alright sfx and quite a few mechanics. Though the spikes are too close to eachother in level 11 and level 12 is just a frustrating hell (way too difficult).

Really nice, could have played 20 more levels or so. Agree with others that hit boxes felt too big. That, combined with the guy moving a bit too fast, meant it could be quite frustrating at times. Maybe a bit of a slower acceleration would help? Really cool concept though, nice levels, excellent art and sound.

What did you used to make the art sounds and music?

For pixel art i used Aseprite and for sounds i used Bfxr

pretty cool

The collisions feels to big and punishing and the gravity shifts are too quick. otherwise nice!

AMAZING ! I won't be suprised if this makes it to the list of winning games ! You should also try to make a whole game out of it ! it's an amazing idea !

This is good stuff! Mega simple and playable!

really nice game, thoroughly enjoyed it

Very simple concept but executed very well. The music and art are great. Each level is different and unique. Really like the little player sprite. The game is a lot of fun. Very great game.

Thanks :D

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Nice concept! I would say the collisions need to be fixed a bit,  but other than that it's good!

I like these kind of games a lot! I like the style and the ideas of the levels. And oh.. I died a lot :D But I finished at level 15. Great job!

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Yeah, I meant that :D 

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oh, ok i didt read "but" :P

It is indeed very good! But really punishing :D

Slowing the player a bit and improving collision would make it much better.

It's a really good game! There's lots of polish and visual feedback. However, I think that some levels don't really serve the main mechanic well. For example, level 9 is just about staying in between those laser things. Overall, it's great though.

Thank you for feedback. i improved some levels :)

Nice game, but in level 10, when touching the exit doesn't level up and the jump indication icon and the retry button are corrupted.

Dont worry it is like that beacuse theres nothig after 10th level. it will be fixed soon :D